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"...KinkyFish have distinguished themselves with a unique voice...

...A theatre company to watch for the future..."

  Female Arts, 2016

Our founding members first met at a performing arts course in London, run by City Academy.  Wishing to continue our shared passion for theatre beyond the end of the course, we banded together to put on our own show, and KinkyFish was born!  Since then, we have shared our work at theatre spaces across the capital, toured community venues in Manchester, and we continue to premiere new writing at the Edinburgh & Camden Fringe Festivals.


From those humble beginnings in 2008 to the present day,  our ethos has always been a simple one: to represent an international community of collaborative theatre-makers - actors, writers, visual artists - dedicated to producing innovative theatre that delivers truly memorable experiences for our audiences.


We pride ourselves on valuing each and every member for their own unique cultural and creative perspective, and the evolving nature of the community enables original, exciting, and sometimes unusual methods of exploration and experimentation to open up.  This flexibility and fluidity remains vital to our ongoing success and sustainability.

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