KinkyFish were lucky enough to complete our run of The Mariner's Song at VAULT Festival 2020 before Government advice forced early closure of the festival - along with theatres and arts venues across the UK - in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

We have no doubt that the creative arts will find a way to respond to these events, and bounce back better than before.  We also give our thanks to the amazing doctors, nurses, support staff and key workers around the world who are tackling this crisis right now on the frontline.

But its not all on them. Responsibility lies with us all to 'flatten the curve' in order not to overwhelm healthcare services; to give them sufficient time to gather the necessary resources to deal with the peak of the outbreak, as they prepare to help those most vulnerable.  And that means we need to be sensible about the choices we make next. 


Members of the global KinkyFish family are already reducing non-essential travel and limiting social engagements, with a view that short-term self-isolation in the comfort of our own homes is a positive step in slowing the spread of the virus in the long-term.


These extraordinary circumstances may also prove to be the opportunity to re-discover our inner selves; to find new ways of communicating with our loved ones; to explore new avenues of co-operation and collaboration within our communities. Time will tell.

We find ourselves in choppy, unchartered waters;

Yet we are all companions in this fleeting voyage,

Together weathering the storms that pass...

All our love

The KinkyFish family



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